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I have been practicing medicine for 12 years and have some very unique insights that I believe will benefit not only patient but also anyone working in the Medical Community.  Healthcare today is complex and has changed dramatically over a very short period of time.  In order to understand these changes in real time, it has become increasingly necessary to not only look back but also have real time information into many of the changes that seem to be happening by the minute.  As a result of all the pressure placed on the system there will be inevitable cracks in the infrastructure which will manifest in patient harm.  One such crack is and will be staff burnout.  Although well documented and studied this field of patient safety in the burnout arena is still at it’s infancy and will continue to evolve.  There are many ways strategies to avoid this phenomenon and I hope with the help of peers and the community we will collaborate to shine some light on this problem.   Likewise I believe one such strategy is maximizing healthy choices spiritually, emotionally, intellectually and financially.   As a jack of all trades I am naturally curious as to the origin of many of these problems and believe many of the challenges we face in Healthcare today are all intertwined and I plan to approach it in the same manner.  So I apologize in advance if my ADD takes over and the topics and podcast diverge, cris-cross or  go upside down.   No of the information I will be sharing would not be possible without the support of my family who bear the greatest burden of my absence due to work demands on top of blogging/podcasting/learning demands.  My ultimate goal will be to create a work-life balance and serve this community as best as I can and hopefully help many in the process.  God Bless and I wish you all the best in whatever journey you may embark upon in the Business of Healing.