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With the usual tax day that normally occurs in mid-April coming up, it’s a great time to remind your wage-earning ... Read more... Read more
By Bri Roth
Life will always be "Mo’ Money, Mo’ Problems” until you recognize the relationship between money and happiness. The post Mo’ Money, Mo’ Problems: Mastering Happiness Economics appeared first on The White Coat Investor - Investing & Personal Finance for Doctors.... Read more
By Jill Gygi
Quick word about the next launch of our course, Passive Real Estate Academy. It'll teach you how to invest in real estate without being a landlord. It'll also help you confidently invest in private, passive real estate deals in 4 weeks. Enrollment starts in 2 weeks!   If you're interested... Read more
By Passive Income M.D.
It’s hard to argue with the Frugal Expat’s assertion that owning assets tops having a job, assuming the income provided ... Read more... Read more
By Bri Roth
Successful investors will take advantage of tax-free investments to lower their tax burden but should take care not to sacrifice higher returns in doing so. The post 10 Tax-Free Investments to Consider appeared first on The White Coat Investor - Investing & Personal Finance for Doctors.... Read more
By Jill Gygi
In this episode, Lara talks with Lauren Leedy, a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, about taking care of our health through food during training and beyond! They discuss how healthy eating doesn’t have to be hard for busy physician families. Lauren shares how to make the healthy choice the easy choice —... Read more
By Married To Doctors
When I speak with people about their goals and dreams, almost everyone gives the same answer. How can it be so many people, with such a diverse background, would want the same thing? So what is this universal human desire? The quest for MORE! More money, more time off from... Read more
By Dr. Cory S. Fawcett
        The following post was written by a reader. [Disclaimer: I have no financial relationships to any of the links below.]     The stock market may seem like some magical place where the “American Dream” of rags-to-riches is within reach. While such success is possible, making... Read more
By Xrayvsn
54: Fairness Apple Podcasts Spotify Stitcher Something I see come up for a lot of my clients is frustration around the concept that things should be fair. And the effect it has on their life can be more profound than you might think. So, I’m taking this week’s episode to... Read more
By Bonnie Koo
The post Real Estate Is A PPA (Proton Pump Aggravator) appeared first on Crispy Doc.... Read more
By crispydoc
Have you ever wondered why so many people make poor investment decisions? You might be surprised to learn that one of the main reasons is that they don’t take the time or space to stop and think. When you find a new investment opportunity, it’s simple to list all of... Read more
Editor: This is a post by CrowdStreet, a partner of this site. Enjoy! 2020 was a year filled with uncertainty–and that’s putting it mildly. Of course, many different industries were deeply affected by the pandemic, and the stock market was no exception.  After all the volatility we saw last year,... Read more
By Passive Income M.D.
        One of the most destructive forces out there to destroy your wealth is inflation. We all seem to have some sort of grasp of what inflation is and recognize that the effect of inflation is the reduction of purchasing power of your hard earned money. However... Read more
By Xrayvsn
[]... Read more
By Justin Harvey
A huge factor in building your family’s wealth is being on the same financial page as your spouse and a dual physician household presents its own unique challenges. According to my guests, Dr. Teresa Irwin and Dr. Richard Laue, one of the keys to a... The post Building Generational Wealth... Read more
By Desiree Leos

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