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By Justin Harvey
Where do you turn if you find yourself in the middle of a financial emergency? Do you have an emergency fund? Every situation is different, and what works for me may not work for you and I found that an emergency fund isn't the best for me. Will it be... Read more
By Passive Income M.D.
My latest journey down the rabbit hole of creating a "good-enough to get 'er done" retirement portfolio reads like a biblical recounting of who begat whom. I started with William Bernstein's Ages of the Investor, which inspired me to read one the books he referenced: Michael Zwecher's Retirement Portfolios: Theory,... Read more
By crispydoc
Combating inflation is vital to successful investing. Know how it is measured, and what you can do with your portfolio to fight against it. The post What You Need to Know About Inflation appeared first on The White Coat Investor - Investing & Personal Finance for Doctors.... Read more
By The White Coat Investor
Episode 64 – My guest on the podcast today is Dr. Marla Ranieri.  She’s a physical therapist and former competitive gymnast who started a telemedicine company a few years ago, and it just expoded during the pandemic.  While the rest of us were scrambling to figure out how to do telemedicine... Read more
By Brent Lacey
For all the dads out there. When I heard from my 4 year old’s mother his best friend had been seriously injured by a dog, and asked if I could help, I felt strangely out of my element. As a pediatric emergency medicine physician, taking care of injured children is... Read more
By Rogue Dad, M.D.
    Welcome to another installment of the X-ray Beam series. I want you to imagine the following scenario: You have spent decades studying and training for your profession. You have sacrificed time with family and friends. You have most likely accumulated a lot of debt as well. Suddenly your... Read more
By Xrayvsn
The Sunday Best is a collection of articles I’ve curated from the furthest reaches of the internet for your reading ... Read more... Read more
Physicians can actually screw up way more often in their financial lives than others can. The problem is that when physicians blow it, they blow it big. Today’s Classic is republished from White Coat Investor. You can see the original here. Enjoy!   St. Peter famously said, “love covers a... Read more
By Passive Income M.D.
When living paycheck to paycheck is broken down like this, it's easy to see why the average doctor might be struggling to keep up. The post Why Many Doctors Live Paycheck to Paycheck appeared first on The White Coat Investor - Investing & Personal Finance for Doctors.... Read more
By Emily
How to Study for Long Periods of Time – One Student’s Advice! By: Anaso Emmanuel     If you are able to study for long hours without even losing concentration, you’re going to be a [...] The post How to Study for Long Periods of Time appeared first on #Lifeofamedstudent.... Read more
By LifeofaMedStudent
                Welcome to this session of grand rounds, a collection of posts I have discovered in the blogosphere and have found of interest and hope you do too. This offering of Grand Rounds looks at articles from around the web that deal with... Read more
By Xrayvsn
64: Your Relationship with Money Apple Podcasts Spotify Stitcher We know that our human relationships really come down to what you think about the other person. And your relationship with money is actually not that different in terms of how we should approach it and what makes for a healthy... Read more
By Bonnie Koo
2021 Q2 Credit Card Rewards Strategy Every quarter of every year, I strategize on how to maximize credit card rewards to get a good return on my spending. This quarter is no exception. Here is my 2021 Q2 credit card rewards strategy. Almost all of my expenses (groceries, dining, transportation,... Read more
By drmcfrugal
Hidden value or value add opportunities is one of our favorite topics! Why? Because tapping into hidden value means more cashflow and forced appreciation! There are two ways you can find hidden value. Firstly, identify ways to increase a property’s revenue. Secondly, identify ways to cut costs. In this episode,... Read more

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