Podcast Guests

I am looking for suggestions for Podcast Guests

Topics of Interest:

  • Contract Negotiations for employment contracts
  • Negotiations with Insurance Companies
  • How to negotiate for payer contracts
  • Negotiate for a Request for Proposal for a contract
  • Legal ins and outs of contracts
  • Strategies to Exit a contract
  • Job Search Strategies
  • Office Politics
  • Human Resources Mastery
  • Burnout Strategies
  • Personal Development
  • Self-directed IRAs
  • Tax Strategies for High Networth individuals
  • Asset protection
  • Relationship Management

I am also interested in hearing from readers and listeners of this blog. What topics or guests would you like to explore or hear from?

I have been reading Facebook and student forum posts and the topic seems to repeat. Do you have any insightful stories I can share that could help a colleague?

If you are interested in Guest Posts for Docofalltradez or CareerCodeBlueHq.com please reach out to me on the contact page.

If you are interested in appearing on The Physician Negotiator Podcast, Please fill out the form in this link: https://docofalltradez.com/guest-form/

Thank YOU!!!

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